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El mito de Sedna aunque repleto de tragedia también es bello y potente. De las muchas versiones que hay del mito voy a poner componer algo con lo que más resuena conmigo y contaros su historia.

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Songs Around the Wheel of the Year

The idea of the Singing Project Around the Wheel of the Year is to create different songs among all to honor the deities of our devotional calendar for the Temple. This songs can be used in rituals or temple meetings etc. As well as for other pagans.
Having a song when it comes to celebrating a rite helps people who take part in it to connect even more.

The intention is to make a small booklet with the songs and rites of the Scota Goddess Temple with information about the deities and also Record them in Audio.
This is an ideal project for creative people with a literary and musical inclination. Do you dare to participate?

Visit the SGT Blog to find our Songs. 

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