Priest of the Gods 2


And in the same way that she brought the gods, he also incarnated them, there were moments when she saw her lover changing in her arms, like an oracle, as if one of his gods had come down to possess her through him. She lost her own awareness of herself and understood the difference between loving a mere mortal and divine love in the arms of that child of the gods. The gift of losing herself in someone who was like her, sometimes closer to the gods than to men.

And she lost herself on his lips and let herself be loved, never before had she given herself to a priest. Not one of those she knew in her homeland would have dared to approach her in this way. He also seemed rapt in her arms, smiling with his whole face and his eyes. They did not speak much, they indulged in the pleasures of the flesh as the gods do when they seek love in the arms of mortals.

They transferred their invisible but tangible battle over the preparations for the festival to the bed, sometimes he lost, she did too. In the end they both lost and won.

"The Invisible Sandals" by Ness Bosch 

Goddess Community Scotland.
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