The Gods of the Future


Who will be the Gods of the future? I don't know if you've ever asked yourself this. As a Priestess and observer of the current pagan scene, this is something that often haunts my mind. New cults are being born every day, even new Gods.

What in my opinion begins as an egregore, ends up feeding on the energy of the group that worship it. Those who know how this works, will also know that when we feed an idea it grows and can even take the form of an independent entity, growing and taking power from the collective or individuals that feeds it with their energy. Although it seems outrageous to me, there are pagan traditions that in their First Grade make their students create a Golem / egregor. We know that some entities that we find in places are the creation of their inhabitants. I have come across some like this, especially in houses where very old people lived and could have suffered from senile dementia. 

According to this basis of creation from thought, How many gods of the past that we worship in the present as Ancient Gods are not actually egregores? How many of these that in principle were diffusions of the same deity did not end up taking a independent form of the matrix that originated them? Good questions? Let's talk about the present.

I know I might get a whiplash for what I'm going to say, but I'm going to risk it. One of these examples of Egregores that we are turning into sort of deities is in my opinion Santa Muerte, although she is not the only one. We know its origin and its function, we know that there is not much light in that cult, but even so, people who are foreign to that society, take it from a place of ignorance sometimes and begin to worship it, giving it a facelift/whitewash and making it more presentable. But there are more deities that, having no historical or archaeological evidence to support them, have rise as Goddesses from the moment someone channels their energy and gives them a name, some even have books written about them! The Snake Goddess in Crete statue is another invention, although obviously we know there was/is a cult to the snake Goddess, the actual figure is a fake. The idea about them is shared, they are given the title of goddesses and they are embraced by people who begin to worship them and feed the egregor. I could name a few more but I think that having said that Santa Muerte is an egregor I think I'm going to get my share. But it is my opinion and I wanted to express it.

What is the difference between the cult of an egregor who is 3000 years old and one who is less than 100 years old? Actually I think little but it is clear that at the energetic level the oldest egregor / deity will be in this sense more powerful since it has been fed for a longer time through worship and offerings. The offerings, clearly, also feed on energetic level, for example in Afro-Caribbean traditions the spirits are fed with food and liquors. When I prepare an altar for a deity or my ancestors or spirits I always include food offerings. Is just an example of how we, from this reality, can transfer energy to the invisible planes. 

Do we need new deities? Having so many Ancient Gods, to me it seems unnecessary since there are enough deities and pantheons for all tastes. Now the issue is from where these new Gods are created. It gives me the impression that there is a lot of ego behind this type of divine birthing, due to a need to validate the cult or movement or the idea that you are creating. In the case of Santa Muerte, I'm under the impression that it arises from the need of that particular group to have something to cling into faith wise, since somehow its devotees are not / were well regarded by the eyes of other cults, she is so to speak born as a mother who forgives all their sins no matter what they do? That's how I perceive it.

Gods, Egregores, Golems... Who knows what they will find in 10,000 years on the spirituality of the year 2021, I will continue walking between planes with my invisible sandals.


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