Yule Song


In the long shadows of winter
cloaked in the spirit of the forest
we walk on the steps of our ancestors
cast the bones to unveil the future
to honour the Winter Goddess.

In the Sacred Circle we weave the woods
Mistletoe, Pine, Holly, Ivy and Oak,
sharing the abundance of Mother Deer
and the warmth and the flame from the Hearth.

And as the light returns,
so do the happy times,
our faith is renewed
and love strengthens and shines.

With the coming of the first snow,
the promise of the Sun Reborn.
We greet goodbye the shadows,
the fading lessons from the dark.

We are transformed by the warmth of light,
now we shine, shine, shine. (bis x 3)
Scota Goddess Temple, Yule Song.

Weaved by the lovely people who gathered at the Sylvan Grove the 8th of Dec. 2019 for the Yule Gathering hosted by wonderful Garry Jeffrey

Goddess Community Scotland.
All rights reserved 2020
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