To Love a Priestess 1


She has no owner, her soul flies like birds. Do not reproach her if you are not the center of her universe, she lives divided between planes and worlds that you may never see. If she chose you, feel lucky, she is not just any Woman, as you know. She combines the elements, talks to the rivers and trees, invokes the gods... Feel lucky if she loves you, she saw something in you, something you may never see, your soul may tell her a story that you never heard. 

She loves you free, but with respect and commitment. If you have loved a Priestess, you will know that they are made of another matter, they are water and fire at the same time. You may never forget her caresses, her kisses... Her terrible anger and her laughter. No other woman will be her, did you ever realize? Were you able to taste the magic on her skin? Her memory will live within you while you remain aware. She is what you never looked for and yet she came, like a storm to wipe out the routine of your life, of your days and to shake your nights. 

If you love her, if you really want to love her, be brave, bite the rope that binds you to the mundane, cast your fears into the fire of the bonfire of her soul, let her madness drive you insane, take her courage, because she is brave, she faced everything to be herself, isn't that why you love her or loved her? You can't lose what you don't have, but if a Priestess crossed your path, don't let her go. Hold her tight even if you feel fear. Love her... Or fall under the curse of repentance, from who held a galaxy in his arms and let her escape.

Text: "Love a Priestess" from the book in preparation " The Invisible Sandals" by Ness Bosch 

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