The Goddess of the arctic sea, mother of sea creatures, ruler of the frozen underworld. Although she dies in myth, she represents life and continues to live in the creatures that are born from her. She transforms and continues to live in the waters also through her creation.

When we talk about a hug we all know what it implies. We surround a person completely with our arms. To Embrace is an intimate act that also implies surrender and acceptance.

¿Quiénes serán los Dioses del futuro? No sé si alguna vez os habéis preguntado esto. Como sacerdotisa y observadora del panorama pagano actual, esto es algo que a menudo me ronda la cabeza. Están naciendo nuevos cultos cada día, incluso nuevos dioses. Lo que a mi parecer comienza como un Egregor, acaba alimentándose de la energía del colectivo que...

Who will be the Gods of the future? I don't know if you've ever asked yourself this. As a Priestess and observer of the current pagan scene, this is something that often haunts my mind. New cults are being born every day, even new Gods.

What she thought was only reserved for the Gods she served. As a Priestess, she had long accepted her almost exclusive service to the people and her Gods, relegating her humanity and needs to the background. It is true that she loved to a certain extent and allowed herself to be loved, but always from her position as a...

And in the same way that she brought the gods, he also incarnated them, there were moments when she saw her lover changing in her arms, like an oracle, as if one of his gods had come down to possess her through him. She lost her own awareness of herself and understood the difference between loving a mere mortal and...

She has no owner, her soul flies like birds. Do not reproach her if you are not the center of her universe, she lives divided between planes and worlds that you may never see. If she chose you, feel lucky, she is not just any Woman, as you know. She combines the elements, talks to the rivers and trees,...

She does not need to be entertained with gifts: A Priestess appreciates the beauty in matter but drinks of the divine, she shares the Nectar and Ambrosia with the Gods, she will never fall prey to the net of a mortal in exchange for gifts. She is the gift, she is the black pearl, the sapphire, not even the...

We are Priestesses, we have not disappeared, we are being reborn from the ashes of our millenary predecessors. We are digging up an ancient path for the future generations to find, to see it as clear as the sun and the moon itself, the stars, so that no one can take away our gods or tell us that we cannot connect with them....

Imbolc Song


Awaiting the birth of the spring
Goddess is in bloom
the seed of the God germinates her womb
nourishing the fruits of her love.

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